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Patients without insurance coverage:

You will be requested to pay for services the day they are rendered. We are unable to bill you. We accept several forms of payment including cash, debit card, personal check, and credit card (VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, AMEX).

Patients with insurance coverage:

Understanding your insurance coverage can sometimes be a challenge. We care for patients who receive insurance by many different employers and insurance companies. Each employer pays an insurance premium for specific coverage that fits his or her company's budget. Each plan is slightly different in its covered services. It is your responsibility to be informed of your specific policy's coverages, exclusions, co-pays, co-insurances, deductibles, and maximums.

Our recommendations for treatment will be made appropriate to your medical needs regardless of your insurance status.


Our courtesy service to insured patients includes:

  1. Filing your claims promptly and requesting payment of your benefit to our office.

  2. Following medical association guidelines for claims coding and filing.

  3. Providing you with any information known to us in dealings with your insurance.


Our expectation of you, the insured and/or owner of the policy:

  1. Payment of fees not covered by your insurance plan at the time the service is delivered.

  2. Understand that the insurance policy belongs to you and we have no leverage to obtain payment from your insurance carrier.

  3. Keeping our office informed of any change in your insurance coverage or employment.


We accept most commercial and Medicare health plans.

We participate in many managed care programs. Most of these plans require members to pay a co-payment for each office visit. The co-payment will be expected at the time of your visit. We will file a claim to the insurance company for the balance.


Insurance contracts are frequently reviewed and changed; therefore, we will ask for a copy of your ID at each visit. Prior to your visit, please contact your insurance provider or us in order to verify our participation in your plan.


If there is a problem with verification of your insurance information, full payment for services rendered will be expected at your visit. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you contact your insurance to verify eligibility.

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